P/N 500160909

Main features :

  • The keeping is so, that it allows the screw to be perfectly in position of tightening, i.e. In a perpendicular position of the leaning plan, of the element to be fixed.
  • The celf offers the possibility to have ± 3mm of tolerances in all xy directions, the z axis being coaxial with the screw.
  • The celf allows keeping the screw extremity to an according distance on predetermined z axis.
  • The celf is designed with two elastics elements allowing an easy assembly, while slowing down parasites movements of the screw on its xy axis.
  • When screwing is finished, the two lips forming the celf thread fade without destroying the screw thread or disrupting the torque applied to this one. (feature of 5 assemblies / dismantling).
  • Moreover lips forming the celf thread are zip type, which allow fast assembly by simple pressure on screw head, without screwing.
  • All pre-assembly of unloosing screw with washer, on a mechanical part, or for sheet metal part.
  • All pre-assembly requesting an important play in all directions of the plan xy, the axis z being coaxial with screw.
  • All pre-assembly requesting a predetermined overtaking of the screw extremity (large, small or equal to zero).
  • This assembly system is patented and this solution cannot be provided separately.