Transfer Nut®

The TRANSFER NUT® ATTAX brings a new concept to screw-nut assemblies: the screw, washer and nut are pre-assembled on the part to be fixed on the panel the aim is to gain time during the final assembly process. This is the only nut of its kind which allows clearance and large panel range.

P/N 500150141
Transfer Nut® M6

Main features :

  • Front panel fitting nut in totally blind conditions.
  • Pilot form allowing easy fitting (robot).
  • Fitting with out any effort, only by applying the normal tightening torque.
  • Gives elastic tension to the assembly (creep of plastic).
  • Allow ± 2.5MM clearance in one direction and unlimited clearance in the other direction. This clearance can be cancelled by reducing the dimensions on the punching.
  • Assembly in filleted rectangular punched hole.
  • Multipanels: mounts on panel with 0.60 to 2 thickness.
  • For meter and tapping screws.
  • Large surface behind panel and not close to the hole edges.
  • Traditional disassembly, the Attax transfert nut staying in place on panel. The final user (constructer) will economise:
    gestion of 2 or 3 parts (screw, nut, washer) →placing of the nut (in clip or cage, riveted, welded…) →handling of screw (and washer)
  • The only operation remaining is the screwing which can be easily robotized.
  • The time invoiced by the supplier of the equipment for the pre-assembly of the screw and nut will be small as it will not be production line time.