Research & Development

Crossing knowledge

Our engineers have analysis mind coupled with a perfect control of the standards and of the different industrial features. This allows them to split each problem into basic functions. Then, they work to develop the solution, to match simple solutions therefore reliable and at low-cost-complying this way to different retained criteria from installation to recycling.

Moreover, with a wealth of experience associated with sharp knowledge of material resistance, they submit the most appropriate materials, heat and surface treatments.

The crossing of their knowledge in various fields they deal with regularly is a guarantee to offer quick, reliable, efficient and unequalled “carry over”.

At last, although being specifically innovative, they always keep in mind that nothing must be left to chance and that each element of a part must be “necessary and sufficient” in its mathematical way both for calculation and manufacturing tolerances.

What is simple is seldom obvious.


 Equipped and trained Engineers

Our Engineering team is equipped with the latest versions of designing softwares, like Solidworks, Mastercam and Topsolid, allowing them to exchange data with our customer’s teams to save time and gain in efficiency.

Engineering team