Our Activities

ATTAX industrializes, and markets FASTENIC® systems intended for all the industries. We develop our activities on 3 segments:

– flat spring systems:
 flat spring systems
– wire spring systems:
wire spring systems

– mechanical systems:
mechanical systems

using few technologies as stamping, multislides stamping, CNC turning and CNC machining, wireforming.

The multitude of the developed applications allows to answer systems to specific applications adapted by our Customers. These devices are classified in two categories: the specific products and the standard products.

Our programs of research are intented on generic solutions and on development of new process.

assembly audit services

Different from associated consulting services, we propose our services of audit in assembly produced to estimate the possible improvements.

  • Preliminary audit
  • of evaluation including
  • an inventory of the points
  • be able to receive
  • improvement.
  • Complete audit
  • including a dismanting of
  • the product on our sites,
  • proposing an
  • alternative solution.



Since many years, our company offers innovating solutions, adapted to the specificities of every major sector on which ATTAX is present, with a strong ascendancy of very exigent sectors like the automotive fields or the aeronautic’ one: