Foreseeing what could be the next generation of seat attachments is a major challenge to answer to the growing demand on civil aircrafts market. Therefore, ATTAX is constantly working on functionalities or innovations to be introduced to anticipate seat makers and airlines requirements.

Working in close collaboration with seat manufacturers, ATTAX also offers a full technical support and design services to its customers (DOA, seat makers…).

In that respect, the EASA PART 21G Production Organization Approval enables ATTAX to go another step further in customer support. Our products are delivered with an EASA Form-1 or a Certificate of Conformance in line with our ISO:9001 and EN9100 certification.

ATTAX Seat Track Fittings® are designed to meet 16G application requirements and comply with main customer’s specifications for passenger seats attachment solutions.

Our wide range of products offers innovative solutions that bring significant time savings for Final Assembly Line, with quick-change, tool-less or single move options, weight and costs reduction answering to customer’s demands for aircraft seat installation.

ATTAX Seat Track Fittings® are available for Rear and Front seat leg, in single, double, triple or quadruple stud version, depending on the application whether on economy, first or business class seat from lightweight to high load seats.

Quick Change

Single Move